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Our mission is to promote better industry practices of the UK Hajj industry and to set an example on a national level, eventually incorporating the UK Umrah Market.

Our core objectives also involve the development of compliance and the reputation of the Ministry of Haj & Umra Approved Licenced Hajj Organisers in the UK.

We aim to raise awareness by creating an environment of good corporate governance and engaging with strategic partners as well as the general public directly.

For the purpose of transparency all decisions will be made by vote at all levels of the organisation, no one person can solely make a decision at any stage in the structure.

We are very privileged to be working in The Hajj & Umrah Industry and we have a lot to thank Allah Subhana’Taala for; our work provides us with an income and it is an honour to serve the guests of Allah Subhana’Taala whilst simultaneously having the freedom of both the Holy Cities of Islam.

The industry has evolved immensely since the first Hajj Groups/Missions started their mainly voluntary services for pilgrims and is now fully developed into a multi-million-pound industry with packages costing thousands of pounds.

Long gone are the days of gratification and sacrifice; now the pilgrims have needs and demands, people are willing to pay good money and have certain expectations which they need Tour Operators to meet.

Tour operators have arduously started to manage people’s expectations however this is no easy task as the majority of Munazzams (licensed organiser) are senior in their field of work and cannot comprehend why new pilgrims are becoming difficult day by day.

Munazzams (licensed organiser) are also facing an uphill struggle (swot-threats) with the ever increasing number of new businesses now selling Hajj & Umrah Packages, these business don’t necessarily have the right credentials yet always managing to have plenty of clients. Unfortunately, some of these turn out to be scrupulous and fraudulent hence tainting the whole industry.

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