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- Welcome to licensed Hajj Organisers -

We are exactly what our name states, Licensed Hajj Organisers (LHO) in the UK.

Collectively, LHO members wish to improve upon the overall repute of the Hajj & Umrah industry within the United Kingdom by bringing all the stakeholders together who have the required credentials.

We wish to make it easier for the British Pilgrims by providing them verified options in selecting Licensed companies to go with. All our members companies have compulsory requirements to operate as Hajj Organisers in the UK, including the approval granted by the Ministry of Haj & Umra from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can be rest assured that without these requirements in place, membership will not be granted. This is a conscious effort on part of legitimate licensed businesses within the United Kingdom to reduce the negative publicity around Hajj pilgrimage and provide an neat and clean option to pilgrims.

Our Hope and Dream is to see all the stakeholders working together, in turn improving the repute of their industry and providing safe options to pilgrims by adhering to the rules and regulations from both the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Don’t shy away from asking the tour operator if they’re LHO members and look out for our Logo on their shop fronts and paperwork.

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